First place award: Most inclusive classroom
in the United States

BbWorld 2016
Las Vegas, NV

  • 1st Place Award for "Most Inclusive Classrooms in the United States." The contest was held to locate teachers who have put in the extra time and effort to ensure their pedagogy, content, and classroom technology enables all students to learn and be successful without complex accommodations. Read the complete article.
  • Accessibility resources are available for anyone that is interested at, click on the
    "UDL / Accessibility" link and then the "Browse as a guest" for full acces to all materials.
  • Videos and Photos at the BbWorld 2016 conference are below:
Cheryl Kautz with JoAnna Hunt, Accessibility Manager at Bb
With JoAnna Hunt, Accessibility Manager at Bb.
Received 1st Place Award for the most inclusive classrooms in the United States.
Cheryl Kautz - presentation at BbWorld
Best practices to help ensure an inclusive classroom.

Cheryl Kautz standing in front of accessibility resources provided online at
Resources at ckautz.coursesites
Resources are shared with anyone that is interested.

Presented with award.
Award presentation
Received 1st Place Award.