peer evaluations

Below are peer evaluations from Grand Valley State University (GVSU), Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC), Muskegon Community College (MCC), and Allen Community College (ACC), beginning with the most recent. Feedback was provided via faculty observations, colleagues' written comments, and from Blackboard course reviewers. Blackboard course reviewers consist of faculty from around the country and the Blackboard Course Program Directors.

Assessments are authentic and there are multiple types of assessments. I am especially impressed with the Learn More section in each week that provides students the extra practice (should they be struggling) as well as the opportunity to go beyond the learning outcomes. Whether a student begins this class as a novice, or someone has background in the content, the course is full of learning opportunities. Read more course reviews from peers.
Blackboard Course Reviewer | CIS 238 Internet Media & Programming | GVSU | Winter 2016
This is the best course I have ever seen. I am reconsidering how I design courses as a result of reviewing this course. The instructor nailed every single element.
Blackboard Course Reviewer | CIS 238 Internet Media & Programming | GVSU | Winter 2016
Cheryl is extremely active, productive, imaginative and her courses are well-liked by students. She is a very savvy technophile who uses her skills to create more engaging course experiences for students and to help other faculty (via seminars and presentations).
Colleague | GVSU | 2016
She has created multiple new resources for students, which she has shared with other faculty. Also updated outdated course material. She is responsive to student comments - making changes when necessary. Very enthusiastic about what she teaches.
Colleague | GVSU | 2016
Committed teacher. She works hard to be the best teacher she can be with a very heavy teaching workload. She gets excellent student evaluations.
Colleague | GVSU | 2016
Absolutely excellent instructor. Students really enjoy her teaching style. Colleagues really appreciate her insights and energy, along with leading-edge technical skills...
Colleague | GVSU | 2015
Brilliant course development. Great use of technology. Excellent contact and rapport with students. Course design is very student / user friendly. Course is well designed for those with hearing or sight limitations and is presented in clear, step-by-step format that allows a novice to follow and utilize. Wide variety of learning styles addressed. Instructor grades student work the same day or after, proivdes specific and concrete feedback with encouragement and specific areas of needed improvement. To say that the instructor uses Blackboard and its technologies proficiently is the understatement of the year! Far exceeds (college) requirements.
Online Learning Coordinator | PRO251 Web Design online | Allen CC in Kansas | Winter 2014
I found your lesson to be well-planned and delivered. Also, it is clear that you have established a relationship with your students built on trust and engagement - that is incredibly positive.
Dean of Student Success & Retention Services | CLS 100 Intro to College face-to-face | GRCC | Fall 2013
Cheryl is an excellent teacher. She knows the material very well and has established a professional relationship with the students. It is obvious that her students respect her and her abilities; yet, feel comfortable approaching Cheryl with questions.
Professor, Business Technologies | BUS180C MS Word hybrid | Muskegon CC | Fall 2013
I am proud and privileged to work alongside her with our students, and I hope she continues to educate both students and faculty at GRCC for a very long time!
Anonymous | Excellence in Education Award | GRCC | Summer 2013
The standout practice for this course is the ability for students with disabilities to feel welcome and capable in a course such as Photoshop is tremendous. Nicely done inclusion techniques!!! Also, ease of navigation through the course and the objectives. Well done simple and clean layout. Another standout practice is the ability of the student to continue learning from and interacting with the instructor at many times well beyond the face-to-face classroom sessions.
Blackboard Course Reviewer | CO 152 Photoshop face-to-face | GRCC | Winter 2013
This truly is an exemplary course. Though I know little of Photoshop, I do know enough of Bb to see that all relevant Bb features are used to great effect in the course. I feel I might just as well go back to paper student submissions, dial-up Internet, and a corded phone, given how outclassed my Bb courses are by Professor Kautz' course!
GRCC Professor and Blackboard Course Reviewer | CO 252 Advanced Photoshop online | GRCC | Winter 2012

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