ECP awards
Five Awards 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017
Exemplary Courses
Excellence in Education Award
Award | August 2013 Excellence in Education
1st place award for the most inclusive classrooms in the United States
1st Place AWARD | JULY 2016 Most Inclusive Classrooms in the U.S.
Brochure as part of POS for Web Design Curriculum
Created SARP and brochure, Program of Study to improve Web Design Curriculum
UDL / Accessibility poster
Created poster for Bb World Conference, Las Vegas, NV UDL / Accessibility

I created my teaching portfolio to help me develop, clarify, and reflect on my teaching philosophy, methods and approaches. The portfolio is available online for the convenience of those that wish to view it and learn more about me. To get started, see Resume to learn about my professional experience, education, list of skills, along with awards and certifications.

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