Example of technology used to teach: YouTube

CO252 - Advanced Photoshop

Using channels to make complex selections

Learning Goal:
Demonstrate how to use Channels to create complex selections


CO105 - Windows Operating System

One of the videos to get students started at the beginning of the semester

Three Learning Goals:
1) Be able to download and save the data files and folder organization for the course.
2) Be able to create and save screen captures.
3) Be able to zip and submit assignments to Blackboard for grading.
There are two additional short videos that accompany the one above.


CO252 - Advanced Photoshop

Creating navigation buttons for a Web site

Learning Goals:
1) Be able to create rollover buttons with Layer Comps and Layer Styles.
2) Be able to create Smart Object buttons to save time and maintain consistency.


CO155 - MS Word

Online course introduction and tour

Learning Goal:
Describe the structure of the course, where to find key information, and where to begin work.